Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Afloat again (well, almost)

Meet Ginger, named obliquely after a very important person in my life (as Scapegrace beatae memoriae also was). Ginger's new name has yet to be painted on, and she will probably operate, as far as the outer world is concerned, under her former alias until she's back on dry land for the winter.

Sorry for the crummy phone pictures. More will be forthcoming. 

Ginger is a 1983 Pearson 303, with a 13 hp Yanmar diesel inboard auxiliary, which (with its 22 gallon fuel tank) will someday, I hope, help get me to and from Maine a bit more expeditiously than I could do before. I'd rather sail than motor, but when motor you must, it's good to be able to.

I am her third owner, and the very pleasant chap from whom I bought her has had her since '84.

And yes, I spent more than I could really afford. But I'm not sorry. Not a bit sorry.

She's in Port Washington, Long Island, at the moment, and now I have to find a time to bring her round to the Hudson.


  1. Happy sailing! She's a beauty. Love the name. keep in mind, us redheads are a handful!!!

  2. bravo,permission to come aboard ? little brother

  3. can handle a sheet,
    good with a wench (ask Sue)
    still learning the foredeck..
    able to bail indefinitely.

  4. Nice, Mike! Afloat at last! Start planning your hurricane escape route now. And practice it more than once before the season of storms returns.