Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Homeward bound: Day Two

If you want to know what that strange structure is, in the image above, you will have to read -- or at least scroll -- to the end of this brief post.

George and I weighed anchor and took off from pretty Harmon Harbor at about 8 AM on Day Two. The skies had cleared, and there wasn't much actual rain -- just a little spit, from time to time -- but the fog was still 'patchy', as the Maine weather channel says, meaning that sometimes you could see a mile and other times you could see ten feet. Nice fog, though, in the unseen morning light -- pearly and opalescent, not the gray damp wool of evening fog.

Hey, I can't explain these things. I'm just reporting.

Light wind from the south-southwest, which strengthened a bit as the day wore on and the fog thinned.  Almost dead foul for a run all the way across the open water to Sandwich, reversing our downcoast course two weeks ago, but just right for Portsmouth and Kittery.

So that's where we went, and arrived about 11 PM. We have friends in Kittery -- notably, a guy a I have written about before, here -- but we got in late and wanted to leave early, so we figured that auld-lang-syne might have to wait for another occasion.

So that's one of the sights of Pepperell Cove, above -- Fort McClary. It doesn't look quite the same, these days, but pretty close. We anchored in 20 feet of water, about 200 yards from this monument, and slept like babies.