Thursday, August 8, 2013

Afloat again (again)

No pictures again, sorry. I could have taken some, too, but it just didn't occur to me.

Called the boatyard today, expecting to hear that nothing had happened.

But no. The boat is back in the water, the leaky stuffing box has been re-packed, the engine is apparently fine, and there are two nice new batteries in their locker.

I didn't ride the bike to work today, so after I made this call, I took the trolley -- I love trolleys; don't you? -- from my workplace to the Jersey Avenue stop, which is a sweaty ten-minute walk from the boatyard. Sure enough, the boat was in the water, the engine started, the bilge had maybe two inches of water in it, and the solar panel, as far as I could tell, was cheerfully charging the batteries.

One does not want to be overconfident, or tempt the Gods. But I'm now starting to believe that Ginger and I and whatever crew I can shanghai for the trip might actually be able to set off for Maine on Monday, the glorious Twelfth Of August.

I hate to do a post without a picture. So here's the trolley:

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