Friday, August 9, 2013

So far, so good

No picture again. Sorry! Sorry!

Went to the boatyard this morning, before work. It's a nice time of day. I hate to get up early -- I would much rather lie a-bed -- but once up and mildly caffeinated, a certain perkiness does take over. And there's the quiet, and the pearly early-morning light, and the sense of infinite possibility that comes with every new dawn, resist it as you may.

Today's job was putting the depth finder back in place. I may have mentioned that it was offering eccentric information, and since I can't imagine sailing the rocky coast of Maine  -- or even groping our way, in the dark, into an unfamiliar harbor in Connecticut -- without a reliable depth finder, I was feeling pretty anxious. 

So some weeks ago, I sent the thirty--year-old unit off to DMI, an outfit I now recommend without reservation. They rapidly determined that the only problem was the LCD display -- a great relief to me, since a problem with the sensor in the hull would be a serious problem.They replaced the display unit and shipped the instrument back to me; but meanwhile. the boat nearly sank at her mooring, as described earlier.

Now the boat is afloat again, in Jersey City, and the depth finder is back on the console, assuring me that there are 14 feet of water under our hull. This seems like a lot, in a marina, but on the other hand, some big boats come in here, and maybe they dredge it, and maybe it's true.

The instrument seems very confident. It doesn't twitch or vary. Either it's a psychopath or a truth-teller.

I am going to assume the latter. Wish me luck.

Departure for Maine is now scheduled for Monday the 12th.

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  1. Glad to see things are coming together. Good luck. Looks like decent weather. I'm sure you've got something similar, but good NOAA compiler with map called "Marine Weather by Bluefin". Nice, free app. What's your plan? Straight through? Day and/or night. Be safe. Greg.