Saturday, August 17, 2013

New York to Maine in four days

Not my photo, but that's the Seguin Island light, above, our first landfall after about 120 nautical miles(*) and 30 hours across Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts Bay, and the Gulf of Maine, after leaving Sandwich, at the east end of the Cape Cod canal. The last leg of what was, by my leisurely standards, a remarkably quick passage.

Day-by-day details to follow, including the usual comical mishaps, accompanied by oaths, expletives, imprecations, and appeals to the Gods on the skipper's part. 

(*) That's forty leagues, for you Patrick O'Brien fans: a bit farther than Ushant to Scilly, in the song Jack Aubrey was so fond of.

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  1. congrats!pretty darn quick (almost like an america's cup cat ! )for a leaky tub.. oops missing out on all the fun out here on the west coast,south..