Monday, August 5, 2013

Life goes on, I forget just why

I promised a photo of what's left of the Morris Canal, at the Jersey City end. That's it, above.

The tide is relatively high, so that sunken lumberyard of imperishable 19th-century timber, to the left of the photo, isn't as impressive now as it will be six hours later.

The narrow body of water shown once stretched a hundred miles or so, over hill and dale, to the Delaware River.

This shot was taken at about 7:30 AM. This is what I do, now, weekdays: I ride my bike from Chateau Smithbowen down to 39th street, and from there I catch the 7 AM ferry to Jersey City. I ride the bike from the ferry landing up LaSalle Street and then, when that peters out, up Grand Street -- a busier street, full of the usual obnoxious aggressive entitled Jersey drivers -- to the unpropitiously-named Jersey Avenue(*).

Then south to the footbridge where the photo above was taken. Through various cunning byways I find my way into the boatyard. I go into the office and pester the boatyard guys, in my ineffectual, polite way -- I'm a squeaky wheel, but I squeak very softly -- and then I clamber up onto the boat and potter. Here's the result of some recent pottering:

Yes, the solar panel -- the thing that might have prevented the most recent disaster, if it had been installed three weeks ago.

Or maybe not.

That rail-mounting looks simple, but reflects a few false starts, and the unlovely but quite serviceable plastic rail clamps hide several uselessly drilled holes. (Who knew that when you order a stainless-steel U-bolt with an inner diameter of one inch, it arrives with an inner diameter of 15/16"? Clearly I went to the wrong schools.)

Back to the Morris Canal. Here's the view looking West, toward New York Harbor:

We take our pleasures where we find them. At the moment, mine are the joys of Jersey City.

(*) Google Earth will show you all this if you're really interested.


  1. So, stuffing box and batteries. Sounds to me you'll be back at sea in no time. To my eye, your solar panel install is more elegant than ubolts anyway. Enjoy the frustration induced happy mistake. Is there substantial water damage to the cabin?

  2. I hope it's just stuffing box and batteries; the big question mark is whether there was damage to the engine. Surprisingly, there wasn't any significant damage to the cabin. Even the settee cushions dried out just fine.

  3. Small world department: Bunny Pearlman's got a retrospective/75th birthday show up at the 313 Gallery in Jersey City -- you should pop over there if you get a chance and it's walking distance. 313 3rd Street, part of the grand-sounding Jersey City Art School and Museum or some such. Open 12-5 FSS. This about the building and gallery generally :